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Dispatch to Death

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Dispatch to Death“Her plot flows well and her characters are delicately honed.”—Margaret Boswell-State Journal Register.

“Miller’s prose is straightforward and readable” – Joan Drury

“[Trudy is] an ordinary woman struggling to support herself and her mutt dog on what she makes as a cab driver... Dispatch to Death is a great get-wrapped-up-in-a-quilt-on-a-chilly-evening with a cup of hot chocolate and marshmallows on the table beside you.  Martha Miller’s writing is crisp, clear, and unmuddled... Her characters are three-dimensional and real, and the plot is a dizzying series of twists that keeps the reader guessing until the low-key, satisfying conclusion.” - Ruth Sims, author of The Phoenix.

“Trudy Thomas wants one thing out of life—well, maybe two.  The first thing is to drive a cab.  The second is to have a lasting relationship.  She has just failed at the second, and the first is in jeopardy when she picks up a mysterious fare named Anita Alvarez. . . . Miller’s tale is full of oodles of close scrapes, wonderful character development, much angst and pain on Trudy’s part, and love.  Trudy’s nemesis, Anita, is by contrast a poor little rich girl whose father would throw her to the wolves to expand his drug-riddled emptier.  Dispatch to Death is a mystery chock full of action, treacherous roads, slimy motives, and Trudy’s path to a more enriched existence.  It is a truly enjoyable read, and Trudy’s pursuit of a suitable mate is touching and full of classic moves and countermoves in the love game.  Miller deserves a big thumbs up for this well-concocted tale.” – Shelley Goldowiski The Midwest Book Review .

“[Miller’s] characters are richly detailed, and thorough them we are urged to consider large questions of truth and betrayal, honesty and the lies that get us through the day.” – Deborah Peifer, The Bay Area Reporter.

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